January 22nd, 2011

Bandom (MikeC) -- =D

ANNOUNCING: Skippy Little Bang 2011! \0/

Dear lovely Skippy-philes:

In response to an idea we had ages ago but couldn't implement because it was time for the Holiday Exchange, sodamnskippy is proud to present the first ever

Skippy Little Bang!

It's a lot like bandombigbang (...which is only partially because our rules are adapted from theirs... >.>;; ), except smaller, and featuring 100% more Skippy content! Yay! \0/


- The goal is to write a 10,000 word Skippy story. Everyone who completes the challenge on time will be rewarded with a soundtrack/fanmix made especially for their fic. 10,000 is the minimum requirement, but if you want to write more, the sky is the limit.

- Stories can be gen or slash. Crossovers with other fandoms are permitted, but the main focus and/or pairing must be Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas, or some variation thereof -- threesomes/more-somes are allowed, but Mike and Kevin must be two of the players! ;)

- Co-writing is absolutely allowed, and the collaborative wordcount minimum is still 10,000 words.

- Signups for writers open on Saturday, January 29, and close on Saturday, February 5. There is no stigma attached to dropping out before rough drafts are due on May 1, so if you think you want to participate, feel free to sign up and give it a shot!

- Signups for fanmixers open on Saturday, January 29 and remain open until May 1. Writers may sign up to be fanmixers, but non-writers will be given priority when fic summaries are claimed by fanmixers.

- On Sunday, May 1st, the completed fic must be emailed to the mods so that it can be definitively assigned to a fanmixer. This does not have to be the betaed, edited polished, completely final form, but it must have already reached 10,000 words so that we know that we can safely assign you to the fanmixer, and so that the fanmixer has your roughly finished fic to work from. You have the period from May 1st to Saturday, May 28th to have your fic betaed and edited, if it hasn't already been so; this is the period the fanmixers have to create a mix.

- On May 28th, all final fics and all fanmixes are due, and we will begin posting on Monday, May 30th.

- No story can be submitted for Skippy Little Bang that has previously appeared in any form or in any part online prior to the posting date. This is not a "timed" challenge like NaNoWriMo, though, so you can submit a fic you started working on prior to the sign-up date. As long as you haven't posted any part of it publicly, you're good!

- Skippy Little Bang does not have mandatory prompts you must write from. You may write any idea you choose! Canon!fics, AUs, sequels to already-published stories, new fics in an existing 'verse... Anything you can come up with is eligible, as long as it's Skippy! (Though if you want to write in a 'verse you didn't create, be sure to ask the creator for permission first!) If you're having trouble coming up with ideas, check out our "Prompts" tag for some ideas the community has come up with. You can also comment on this post and let us know you're looking for inspiration--someone out there probably has some to spare!

- This isn't a fic exchange, so there is no pressure about recipients. If you're interested in participating but are worried about not being able to complete the challenge, pulling out at any point before the May 1st deadline carries no penalties. Just give it your best shot!

If you have any questions about the challenge which are not covered above, please ask them in the comments, and we'll try to answer them, and update this post! <3

There will be signup posts for writers and mixers going up on Saturday, January 29th. Hope to see lots of you in the comments!