Carrie (sparrowsverse) wrote in sodamnskippy,

SLB Mixer Sign-up Post

This is the sign-up post for people who are planning to mix for Skippy Little Bang!

Your job as mixers will be to create an original fanmix based on one of the Skippy Little Bang stories! You will claim summaries on June 15th after our writers turn in their SLB drafts, then you will have until July 12th to create your mix based on the story. Cover art for the mix is encouraged but not required.

Summary claiming will be assigned randomly, but participants who are only doing mixes will have priority over writer/mixers, so that as many people have the chance to participate as possible.

Please sign up with the following information:

--Your preferred LJ username
--Your preferred email address
--Are you willing to pinch-hit? (Make a mix on short notice if another mixer can't finish on time/needs to drop out after they have claimed a story.)
--Are you willing to mix for multiple stories if necessary? (This will depend on how many drafts we get vs. how many mixers sign up!)

That's all you need to do for now! \o/

This post will remain open until June 15th, when drafts are due. Writers who find they will not finish on time are encouraged to consider participating by signing up to mix!
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