Ruth Sadelle Alderson (rsadelle) wrote in sodamnskippy,
Ruth Sadelle Alderson

I Am A Bingo Card Dropout

After over a year of having a bingo card, I have decided it's time to admit I'm never going to finish anything for it. I have, however, posted all of the unfinished things I started writing for it. The links are below in increasing order of completeness.

Mike/Kevin Wingfic
FRC 100 words. So the wings are cool. Bingo square: wingfic.

Three Notes
FRC 200 words. It wasn't a song yet. It was barely even three notes strung together. Bingo square: psychic bond.

Mike/Kevin Street Kid AU
FRT 1300 words. The soup kitchen is Bill's idea. Bingo square: runaway/street kid.

Mike/Kevin Circus AU
FRT 2100 words. Mike weighed the joy he would get out of sharing his music with someone against the potential trouble that could come from doing anything with one of the Jonases. Warning: Past death of Mike's family. Bingo square: circus.

A Most True and Unsettling Affection
FRT 3000 words. "What you need," Pete said, tossing a card onto the table, "is a husband with an income." Bingo square: Regency romance.
Tags: bingo, fic

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