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[sticky post] Skippy Fic Masterpost

Fic Index updated as of: October 03, 2014


2015 SLB Mixer Claims

Here is how we are handling the mixer claims:

Below the cut are the summaries. Mixer sign-ups are first-come, first-served. Each mixer may only claim one fic to start with.

If all of the fics are claimed quickly, I will open the claim post up for secondary claims.

I will try to keep this post updated by striking out the summaries that have been claimed, but do not rely on this. Check the comments to make sure the fic you want to mix has not already been taken.

To claim a fic, please comment with the number of the fic you want to claim (ex. # 5) and your email address. I will email you the full draft of the fic, including the author’s name (in case you have questions).

Mixers will be providing mixes, coverart, etc. for your authors. Any material created by the mixer should be sent directly to the author, since authors will be posting their own fics.

Claims Under CutCollapse )



Hey everyone! I am posting this a day early for writers who may have already finished their SLB. So do not panic! Rough drafts are still due this Saturday July 04. I'm going with if it's July 04 anywhere in the world, then you can submit it.


Please submit your rough drafts to sparrowsverse at the following email address:


Please include the rough draft of the fic (suitable for sending off to your mixer!), and in the body of the email please provide header information.

Your header info should contain your title, the rating of the fic (MPAA, Fiction Rating, or Fan Ratings are all cool, as long as it gives me an idea of the fic's content/maturity level), your LJ name (for modly purposes only; mixer claims are anonymized!) and a summary of the fic. This should be detailed enough for your mixer to claim by -- your final, posted summary when the fics go up can be different if you like! (See BBB claims posts if you need an idea how this works.) Please also include pertinent information like side pairings, as well as warnings/possible triggers.

NOTE: You MUST warn for rape/non-con/dub-con, underage sexual activity, or graphic violence/gore. Beyond that please exercise your best judgment when it comes to warnings -- be kind to your mixer, and make sure you're not blindsiding them with something that could be a potential trigger. You are all awesome people, so I'm sure we can all handle warnings like sorta-mature grownup types. =D

ANYWAY! Feel free to submit your story at any time before close of business. Anonymized summaries will be posted for mixer claims beginning Sunday.

Thanks for all your hard work, writers; i can't wait to see what you've come up with! <3


SLB Reminder

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give you a reminder that in one month, that is on Saturday July 04, that rough drafts are due!

I can't wait to see what everyone has written!

I am chugging along slowly, myself, about 400 words away from hitting 5k but I don't think the story is quite over yet. lol isn't that always the deal? ;)



SLB Mixer Sign Up - CLOSED

This is the sign-up post for people who are planning to mix for Skippy Little Bang!

Your job as mixers will be to create an original fanmix based on one of the Skippy Little Bang stories!

Summary claiming will be assigned randomly, but participants who are only doing mixes will have priority over writer/mixers, so that as many people have the chance to participate as possible.

Please sign up with the following information:

--Your preferred LJ username
--Your preferred email address
--Are you willing to pinch-hit? (Make a mix on short notice if another mixer can't finish on time/needs to drop out after they have claimed a story.)
--Are you willing to mix for multiple stories if necessary? (This will depend on how many drafts we get vs. how many mixers sign up!)

That's all you need to do for now! \o/